Web Design and Web Hosting for your Australian Small Business

Your Australian small business needs a web site. You want a professional and still affordable web site to support your business activities and increase your return on investment. But you don't have the time and money to look after everything yourself. Plus, you are no specialist in web design.

No problem! Zeitgeist Internet Solutions is a small business in Australia (based in Sydney), just like you. We provide everything that is needed for a successfully run web site. We consult on the best web hosting package for your business. We order domain names for you - Australian .com.au domain names or their international .com counterpart as well as plenty other domain names, targeted to your customers. We create your web site by using functional and professional web design custom made for you. We analyse your existing web site and re-design it for better efficiency, so you get more customers for your small business. And you have the time to go on doing business, knowing that your web site is in good hands!

So don't hesitate and contact us now! Australian owned and Australian operated for your Australian small business.

PS: German site visitors, you are probably looking for Zeitgeist Internet Solutions in Frankfurt.


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